At the Treviño Law Firm, we provide quality representation, thorough understanding of the law, and the trust and respect of the clients and the communities we serve.

We Offer Legal Services In The Following Areas:

Personal Injury

Including motor vehicle accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, work-related injuries, medical malpractice and other injury-related cases

Wrongful Death

Including vehicle rollovers, explosions and product liability cases

Commercial Litigation

Including business disputes, insurance fraud cases, deceptive trade and practices cases, fraud, and consumer law cases

Criminal Defense

Including felonies, misdemeanors and white collar crimes

Family Law

Including divorces, child custody disputes and visitation rights

Catastrophic Injury

Such as brain injury cases, paralysis, loss of limb and loss of sight cases

Local Counsel

For out-of-town attorneys

We provide timely, ethical, friendly and client-oriented service.

We welcome all people and strive for effective, individualized solutions to their legal issues. 

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